Polenta with zucchini, Gorgonzola and walnut

Written on Oct. 4, 2007

I kind of modified the old recipe and made this dish with what I had in the fridge. With the pre-cooked polenta sold in Trader Joe, this is a very fast and easy meal to make. I am pretty happy with this new recipe :). The only thing is, I bought Gorgonzola (a kind of blue cheese) to make this dish, but I guess blue cheese is still too strong for me….Next time I’ll switch to goat cheese or just some other milder ones…


  1. Half yellow onion, chopped
  2. 2 zucchini, chopped
  3. T.J. precooked polenta
  4. Some cheese (maybe goat cheese or other strong smell cheese)
  5. toasted walnut, chopped
  6. cayenne pepper (just some red chile pepper)
  7. pepper
  8. salt
  9. oil
  1. sauté the onion with low heat until soft but not brown
  2. Add chopped zucchini, salt. When the zucchini is almost done, add a little bit polenta and water (to make it thick). Stir in cheese, pepper and chopped walnut after turning off the heat.
  3. Slice the T.J precooked polenta. In another pan, pan fry the polenta with medium to low heat until gold (probably 3-4 mins each side). Sprinkle some cayenne pepper on the polenta during pan-frying.
  4. Top the fried polenta with the zucchni-cheese-walnut gravy. Done!

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